The only way you can get closer to the action is to own the team.

We're here to make that dream come true.

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Be more than a spectator
Be part of the action

Be the ultimate fan

About FOI

We are a company that is giving the sport fans of Nascar an opportunity to become part of Nascar mania. You will have the opportunity to give your input on choice of the racecar driver, the race team and be a voice behind many of the decisions that will be made regarding all aspects of the team. There is a board of directors in place that will operate and look after the office protocols on a daily basis. Now as the owner of a Nascar team you can feel closer the to action than ever before.


What Buyers Get

  • A share certificate declaring they are a team owner.
  • voting rights and the right to attend the annual share holders meeting at head office
  • You also get access to a special line of shareholders apparel


  • to be an owner of a Nascar Race Team
  • to be able to make decisions about the team
  • to be able to pick the driver, crew chief etc
  • be a part of the first publicly owned Nascar Race Team
Own a part of a Nascar Team

Rules & Regulations

Each share is $195.00 plus $35.00 handling fee.

Cannot buy more than 200 shares per person.

Share can not be re sold.

Each share gives you the right to a vote on many different decisions made at the share holder meetings.

Interested or have questions?

If you are interested in becoming an owner of the first publicly owned Nascar Race Team, complete the following
form and you will be sent a full company propectus.

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